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Enjoy the flow

Discover each week a new Asana with us:

Moka Yoga Venice

We’re new.
But we have a Long and Fantastic journey in front of us.
This Is Only The Beginning! 

Just follow your dream! And BREATHE!

Bea Santoro - Founder
Bea Santoro


Let's discover with us the main Asana

Every Asana has so many points to explore. 

Each week we’ll talk about a new asana, explaining benefits and the correct alignment.

Explore the Benefits of each pose

In the “How To” section you will discover the correct alignment to perform each Asana. But the most important thing is that each body is unique.

Learn to listen to your body

There will be also a Contraindications area, in which we will list all the conditions for which is better to be careful performing that asana.

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