Ardha Matsyendrasana: the half twist posture (Lord of the fishes)

This pose has a wonderful effect on our spine. 

This asana has many BENEFITS

  1. Enhances flexibility of the back and maintains the nerves. 
  2. Removes laziness, twists, tones, stretches the entire spine. 
  3. Massage all the internal organs, improve digestion.

Massages the spleen, liver, pancreas, intestines and bladder. It’s good for constipation, dyspepsia, diabetes, kidney problems, enlarged and congested spleen and liver, rheumatism of back muscles, pain in hip joints, obesity and gastritis. Increases the pancreatic juice and adrenalin secretions.


Begin in Dandasana, bend the right leg, with the heel in contact with the perineum. Cross the left foot over the knee, the sole of the foot is well anchored to the mat, Twist the torso, placing the right elbow on the outer side of the opposite knee, the pressure is light and causes the twist to be more intense, the hand has fingers stretched upwards. The left hand rests on the mat and pushes, thus helping to elongate the torso. The head is turned on the axis vertebrae. The gaze is over the shoulder behind.

The left knee should point straight up to the ceiling. 

Exhale as you twist toward the inner left thigh. Press the left hand into the floor just behind the left sitting bone. Set the upper left arm on the outside of the right thigh near the knee. Lengthen the front torso on an inhale and pull the torso and inner right thigh closely together. 
*Option to turn the head in the direction of the twist to the left, or counter the twist by turning the head to the right and looking over the right shoulder at the left foot 

Final Tip: With each inhale, lift a bit more through the sternum, pushing the fingers into the floor for leverage. Twist a bit deeper with each exhale. Grow long on every inhale. 

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