Mudras (Part 1):

Is Sanskrit word that means sign.

MUDRAS are hand positions able to channel energy and give us well-being, mudras are widely used in meditation and yogic practice.

The origin of mudras is shrouded in a veil of mystery, although they are known both in Asia (where yogic practices are more widespread) and throughout the rest of the world. The practice of mudras as we know it today originated in India more than 5000 years ago: in fact, traces of it can be found in ancient shamanism and Vedic culture, which contemplated the use of hand gestures accompanied by mantras during sacred ceremonies. Through this ritual, the Brahmins invoked the energy of Earth and Heaven at the same time, which was then channeled to obtain certain benefits, both material and spiritual.
Mudras are also used in some artistic expressions such as Indian dance, where their purpose is also to harmoniously accompany the movements of the body.

In India mudras are linked to religious traditions and this is demonstrated by the divine representations that we often find in such positions. Mudras activate specific areas of the brain and awaken spiritual aspects, inherent in us. What makes most people desist from continuing to use them is the lack of immediate tangible effects. It takes days, weeks and sometimes months of practice to start feeling the real effects, to be able to perceive the right connections on an energetic level.
Through constant practice, we connect with the different energetic aspects of the universe and rediscover the spiritual gifts contained within each of us. Even if we are not used to recognizing them, we carry on our physical body signs of these energetic forces, represented by the elements of nature.

In conclusion, strength, courage, tenacity, calm, goodness, patience, perseverance, trust are just some of the characteristics that are awakened on an energetic level with the use of mudras. In fact these positions connect us with higher energies, on a cosmic level and these animate every aspect of our life, our mind and our awareness.

This is a wide theme, and so we’ll dedicate to it some more posts!