Ujjayi Breath - Ujjayi Pranayama.

Let’s discover together this kind of Pranayama! 

Ujjayi Breath or Ujjayi Pranayama (breath technique) is a soft, whispering breath which is also called “victorious breath”, or ocean breath. It can be compared to the sound of the wind through the trees or the waves coming to shore.
Below are the Sanskrit terms key to Ujjayi Pranayama:
Ujjayi: Victory over
Pranayama:  PRANA – life force, breath; YAMA – control, restraint, regulation. Its main purpose is to warm the body from the inside, making the breath warm. A mantra-like sound is created. In some styles, such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, the Ujjayi breath is even maintained for the duration of the practice.

In Sanskrit this term means victory and is usually translated as victorious breath, because when practiced the lungs expand in all directions and the chest expands just like that of a winning warrior.
Another reason why it is called victorious breath is, when practiced correctly, it allows the mind to overcome, which calms down and allows you to be in the here and now.

Benefits of Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi breathing is used a lot by practitioners all over the world for its countless benefits.
– Firstly, as explained earlier in this article, maintaining a deep, long and calm breath is one of the most important things in yoga and Ujjayi breathing allows you to do this.
– Produces a warming effect which increases the body temperature.
Slows the heart rate and improves the circulatory system.
– By controlling the breath, the mind calms down and one becomes more aware of what is happening inside.

– Unlike other forms of Pranayama, which should be practiced with the body still in a meditative position, this breathing technique can also be practiced during the execution of asanas.

– Particularly deep breathing increases the elasticity of the lungs and thus the whole respiratory system benefits from it.
– Thanks to the concentration on the sound of the breath you can connect the mind with the body and the spirit.
– The deepening of breathing greatly improves physical practice.
– By calming the mind, another benefit is relieving stress and reducing any form of nervous tension.
– Makes gas exchanges that occur in the lungs more efficient.
– Moreover it has a deep relaxation effect, in fact it is excellent for fighting insomnia.
– Finally, Stimulates Visuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra).

In conclusion, Yoga breathing has really many benefits and it’s one of the key factors of everyone practice.

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